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The Camp Fire Story

Our Wood Stone Fire Deck Oven is a vital part of our business. It is a wood and gas combination oven which features an underfloor infrared burner housing a temperature of up to 800 degrees, allowing us to cook a large pizza in as little as three to five minutes. We personalized it when we had the outside powder coated in our signature “Camp Green” color for viewing pleasure. It is certainly an experience when you can see your pizza being cooked right next to an open flame, and smell the aroma as it fills the air. We prepare our pizzas from scratch, every day. The Camp Fire staff makes our dough, shreds cheese, cuts fresh veggies and makes sauce. No shortcuts are taken to ensure our hungry campers have a great “camping” experience.

Owner Spencer Young has spent over half his life in the food industry, but it wasn’t until his most recent role as a food sales representative when he met Huntington Square co-owner Mat Clark, that he would consider stepping into the restaurant ownership role. “I had a customer tell me about this outdoor beer garden that was opening up in downtown Jonesboro, and I had to go and see it for myself.” After a few phone calls he was able to get in touch with Mat and get a tour and hear about his vision for the property. “I immediately loved the outdoor laid back vibe I felt from walking in. The trees, the shade, the cool breeze, it all reminded me of sharing a pizza around a campfire with my friends, but I was in the heart of downtown Jonesboro and not in the middle of the woods.” After many more meetings with Mat, that “campfire” feeling formed into an idea for a restaurant. “Mat had recently renovated a shipping container for the property and said he was interested in putting more on the property for vendors to prepare and sell food out of, I went home and immediately told my wife, and it was then the idea of ‘CampFire Pizza’ was created.”

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